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Prairie Land Gamebirds, Hunter,KS has Ringneck Pheasant Eggs, Chicks and Started Birds (6 wks old) Available. NPIP & AI Tested, Shipping and Delivery Available on eggs and day-old chicks; delivery only on started birds Call Ryan 785-545-6661. Fully colored birds are about 2 years of age, they can be fertile in first year. Weight: approximately 1.5-2 lbs Males: 47 inches in length, 31.50 inches just for tail has a white black cape and a red crest, tail and rump are gray with red, blue, dark green, white, and yellow plumage Females: 24-26 inches in length has dull brown mottled plumage with fine barring all over, head is a darker.

Ring-necked Pheasant Pheasants Arrive in New York. Pheasants are a popular game bird that have blessed New York's landscape since first being successfully introduced in 1892 on Gardiner's Island. A later release in 1903 on the Wadsworth estate, near Geneseo, truly established this Asian immigrant and helped popularize pheasant hunting in New York. Welcome to Best Pheasantry! Conveniently located at 145 Bushville Road in Westtown NY (Orange County) Just 6 miles from Exit 2 on I-84. We are a New York State DEC Licensed Game Bird Breeding Facility as well as a NY DEC Licensed Shooting Preserve.

Management Plan for Ring-Necked Pheasants in New York 2010-2020 Pheasant Program Vision. To meet the current and future desires of people for pheasant hunting, observation, and educational opportunities within biological constraints and consistent with available funding. Not as large as the Jumbo Ringneck Pheasant, but about 30% larger than the regular Ringneck. Same plumage color as the Ringneck. The breed is primarily of Mongolian blood and is a challenging bird for dogs to get into flight as it tends to be a ground runner. A great meat bird weighting: 2.5-3 LBS female and 3.5-4 LBS for males.