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Not free, but cheap audiobooks online. If you can’t find the audiobook you want for free, you can always look at other services for cheaper options. Audible now has a sharing service where you can send a free book to anyone you want. Downpour allows you to rent audiobooks for a fraction of the cost.Author: Nikki Vanry. The first in a series of three books that draws on the sexuality of woman driven by the Eros of man. The story starts with a basis of truth and eventually evolves into a future where sex and passion are devolved from the human contact we all crave and strive for. Sex and love are two separate emotions, and each one of these creates its own.

Nicole Cook just wants to keep her simple life, teach her fifth grade class, and go home to her platonic lover, Julie, but when the elementary school teacher gets called to the counselor's office over some questionable bathroom graffiti, she finds the sexy, seductive, married counselor just may be the complication she didn't know she needed. Listen free to a high quality MP3 audio recording of some of our most popular written stories.