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The urachus is a remnant of a channel between the bladder and the umbilicus (belly button) where urine initially drains in the fetus during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The channel of the urachus usually seals off and obliterates around the 12th week of gestation and all that is left is a small fibrous cord between the bladder and umbilicus called the median umbilical ligament. A patent urachus is an abnormal opening from the bladder to the umbilicus, which is retained from fetal life (A). To repair it, an incision is made in the baby's abdomen (B). The patent urachus is removed (C), and the opening to the bladder is closed (D).

Urachal Cyst Symptoms in Adults, Umbilical Cyst Ultrasound, Removal and Surgery Urachal Cyst 6 An umbilical cyst or urachal cyst, especially when infected can cause symptoms such as pain in the abdomen, pain during urination, UTI infections and even visible belly button discharge in both adults . The urachus is the tube within the umbilical cord through which urine from the unborn foal travels from the bladder to the allantois (a fluid filled sac surrounding the unborn foal). Normally, the urachus closes at the time of birth and the navel dries and shrivels up within hours of birth. When the urachus does not close (persistent urachus), or closes and re-opens at a later date (patent.

In an open (or patent) urachus, there is an opening between the bladder and the belly button (navel). The urachus is a tube between the bladder and the belly button that is present before birth. In most cases, it closes along its full length before the baby is born. An open urachus occurs mostly in infants. The urachus is an embryologic remnant which degenerates after the birth. Defective obliteration of the urachus leads to urachal abnormalities. An infected urachal cyst is one of the urachal abnormalities and this pathology is rare in adult women.Cited by: 2.