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The discussion during the workshop highlighted a number of key challenges that must be addressed when performance assessments are used for accountability in the federal adult education system: (1) defining the domain of knowledge, skills, and abilities in a field where there is no single definition. Adult education has a long history of responding to the changing needs of our society. In the early part of the 1900s, as the country faced a wave of immigration, adult education provided citizenship training and other services designed to assist immigrants in adjusting to a new and different community. 2.

The 7 Biggest Challenges of Adult Learners. The 7 Biggest Challenges of Adult Learners. Our list of the fears, misnomers and realities of being an adult student. Student Clearinghouse found more than one-third of college students to be older than 25, and The National Center for Education Statistics found that “In recent years, the. Today adult education is recognized as one of the most important factors in bringing about social and economic development. However, there are some problems which serve as impediments to adult education in the less developed arid regions.Author: Z. Behravesh.

Higher education and adult basic education have been very slow to deploy technology, especially in ways that can overcome the problems of time and flexibility that limit working adult access to good education. Five basic strategies can provide the foundation of policy reform. I’m an adult learner — what are my options? The good news is, studying as an adult is actually very doable - you just need to find the right solution. Online bootcamps offer a much more realistic alternative to traditional further education options, and there’s a course out there for just about anything.