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"Come back to my place and I'll show you some REAL magic". And with that, he reached out and cupped her left breast. "You BASTARD!" she hissed, and slapped his hand away. "Get your hands off my breasts." "Oh, go on, you know you like it, all women do. I love big bouncy breasts like yours, and I want to play with them". His breasts then began to fill in the bra, with Jeff's nipples rubbing against the silky material and getting hard as they did so. They stopped growing at a generous B-cup; then Jeff's Boxers then morphed into matching panties for the bra, snugly fitting over his new ass and vagina. "Weird, before I could barely see my belly button but now.

Jun 07, 2009 · I decided to stop and disconnected everything. My breasts were very firm and to me looked huge. I put the 38C bra on, the one I had used with the forms. I was surprised to see I filled it. This was great. I spent the rest of the day with the bra on feeling the weight of my temporary new breasts.4.9/5(29). Sissy Bra Training. open my blouse ans saw my pink bra i see you have her in one now yes and soon she will have other to wear after a year my breasts grow and now i look more girly and i become her house sissy you up as a girl i told her yes miss good from now on you dress as my sissy bitch and house maid well over a fell week my bra.

My Wife Karen A moment or two passed, then she she moved the box onto my lap. If you like them so much! You wear them! She said in a firm voice. I told her not to be like that, but after a short time she lifted the matching bra and panty set up between us. By Tiffany Scott. My Wife Made Me Do It The nurse told me to sit up and that I needed to wear my bra to support my breasts while I was healing. She told me to wear my 50's cone bra 24/7 while I healed. This kind of cone bra is very supportive to help the healing. I slipped on the funny looking bra. My breasts were so heavy, my nurse knew what I was thinking.