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L. The Lady Late For the TrainMikel. Solo-M; Solo-F; train; dress; hobble; heels; fantasy; corset; tight-clothing; public; cons; X 22.09.14; The LakeMarley. FM. The Coyote's Den – Mixed Stories Directory. All sort combinations of guys and gals with spanking, domination and more including sex in some. The story content codes have been set without regard to species in order not to give away story details.

Mar 02, 2012 · this is a story of how my wife busted me doing some of my favorite things and then took control of the situation with some role reversal to satisfy both her and my hidden desires - enjoy! It was one of those rare days when I was working from home and my wife had plans to be out running around with a couple of girlfriends for most of the day.4.8/5(75). Nov 14, 2010 · Gender Role Reversal The Wife - 2011 Errmm..I'm not sure where to begin with this. It is such a strange tale, but one that is, I suspect, increasingly happening to men everywhere nowadays. its a beautiful story. so nice. but one request i want a story in that male femini was raped by a woman.. i hope i will get that story soon.Author: Russell.

In this story it means Role Reversal. Getting into her panties takes on a whole new meaning in this tale of forced feminization. 7 The Gown. By Candy (Cissy) Michaels. A crossdresser in New York on business is sissified and forced to serve two beautiful Mistresses. very . Aug 01, 2013 · This story though a couple of years old is new to me, because I haven't been on MH very long. What an awesome story you've shared. Thank you. My wife has passed on, so I love to read stories like yours, and recall what a great lover she was. This made me very, um well, satisfied. Thanks again, and keep it up, both figuratively and actually.