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what causes people to masturbate -

Why Do People Masturbate? In addition to feeling good, masturbation is a good way of relieving the sexual tension that can build up over time, especially for people without partners or whose. People masturbate for different reasons — it helps them relax, they want to understand their body better, they want to release sexual tension, or their partner isn’t around. But most people masturbate because it feels good. Many people think that masturbation is only something you do when you don’t have a sex partner. But both single.

14 reasons why people masturbate. It may not seem like it, but a lot of people masturbate, irrespective of people’s ages or genders too. It is a very common behaviour, but there are many different reasons and potential health benefits for why people may choose to masturbate for self-stimulation.Author: Mike Smith. Male Masturbation: 5 Things You Didn't Know. By R. Morgan Griffin. From the WebMD Archives. If there's one thing that almost every guy is an expert at, it's masturbation. After years of extensive Author: R. Morgan Griffin.

Masturbation does not cause hairy palms. Masturbation does not make your eyesight go bad or cause you to go blind. Masturbation does not cause acne. Masturbation will not cause your penis to shrink. People who masturbate may do so in different amounts. There is no right or wrong number. Masturbation helps people sleep the same way reading a book before bed does -- you feel calm and relaxed after. 5. It's a great way to release sexual tension. If you've chosen to not have sex or are simply going through a dry spell, masturbating is a great way to satisfy your libido. 6. Masturbating can ease body aches and menstrual pain.Author: Alanna Vagianos.