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Nude (Charis, Santa Monica) is a photograph taken by Edward Weston in 1936. It shows an apparently nude woman with her arms wrapped around her legs while she sits on a blanket in bright sunlight against a darkened doorway. Edward Henry Weston was born March 24, 1886, in Highland Park, Illinois. He spent the majority of his childhood in Chicago where he attended Oakland Grammar School. He began photographing at the age of sixteen after receiving a Bull’s Eye #2 camera from his father. Weston’s first photographs captured the parks of Chicago and his aunt’s farm.

Aug 30, 2017 · This month marks the release of a trilogy of photo books by Taschen, each dedicated to an American 20th-century photographic “master of light”: Man Ray, Edward Weston and Paul Outerbridge.Here, in a three-part dedicated series, we explore the story behind an enduring image from the second: Nude (Charis, Santa Monica) by Edward Weston.. Edward Weston was a vital pioneer of Author: Daisy Woodward. Among the twentieth century’s most influential art photographers, Edward Weston (United States, 1886–1958) is widely respected for his many contributions to the field of photography.

Life and work 1886–1906: Early life. Weston was born in Highland Park, Illinois, the second child and only son of Edward Burbank Weston, an obstetrician, and Alice Jeanette Brett, a Shakespearean actress.His mother died when he was five years old and he was raised mostly by his sister Mary, whom he called "May" or "Mazie".Born: Edward Henry Weston, March 24, 1886, ., neither its agents nor any other person represented on this site are liable for any actions or disputes that may occur by engaging in sales activities initiated by contacts made through Please contact individual family members above for current pricing on all photographs they may have for sale.