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After two years of trying to accept and love my legs, hair and all, I finally had to admit that I just didn’t. I also tried to find compassion for myself, like I would for a friend. If something was this conflicting for me, it obviously wasn’t right for me. I Had A Lot Of Feelings When I Shaved My Legs . Nov 25, 2005 · I shave my legs about twice a week and absolutely love the look and feel. I should say that I’m a cyclist but at the time I was into mountain biking, and shaved legs were not so common in the mountain biking world. I had to switch to road cycling a couple of years ago due to a knee injury so it is totally justified for me to shave my legs now.

This is my humorous love story My Husband Shaves His _____ legs. It's the truth. Now tell me, what great big hunk of a man shaves his legs? Isn't hair included in the sexy things you admire about your man? OK, he's a cyclist, but it took me a while to get used to the idea. "You know, I think I might start shaving my legs. Nov 18, 2016 · Pro swimmers shave their legs—whether they’re male or female. But if you’re a dude and not an elite athlete should you do the same? It’s up to you, really. But for the most part I love Author: Brittany Smith.

Apr 13, 2009 · 61 thoughts on “So You Want To Shave Your Legs But ” phylisanne bernstein says: Help, I love to shave my legs, but the breakouts on the upper legs gets really irritating(no pun intended). what can I do to stop this? I have tried using moisturizer to no avail. One thing I’ve learned, Because of the summer temps here, it’ smarter. 52% of women think men should shave or trim their leg hair?! But what do men think? Find out the advantages, the disadvantages, and the stats in our very scientific poll, so we can once and for all answer that age-old question: should a man shave his legs?