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does your penis shrink with age - Does Your Penis Shrink with Age?

How Does Your Penis Change as You Age? As your testosterone levels fall, sperm production slows and they shrink. If you get hormone replacement therapy, your pituitary gland will stop sending Author: Beth Axtell. Jun 05, 2015 · This is not a story about what might happen to your penis as you age. It’s not about potential risks or Any of These Crazy Penis Conditions that happen when, say, you “accidentally” put your Author: Jay Ferrari.

Feb 25, 2016 · Does Penis Size Shrink with Age? Does Penis Size Shrink With Age? There are some significant changes that occur with aging. Male sexual function declines with age, as a result of falling testosterone levels, and many men experience erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, or a decline in libido, which may result in decreased sexual satisfaction. Oct 19, 2017 · Will your penis shrink over time? It shouldn’t change. It doesn’t normally. But as we age, our erectile function declines—not always, but based on smoking, diet, hypertension, diabetes.Author: Luke O'neil.

Many men worry about penis size, particularly if their penis appears to become smaller over time. The reality is that flaccid penis size may have little or nothing to do with erect penis size and, of course, penis size has absolutely nothing to do with masculinity. But, nevertheless, it is true that your penis may shrink as you get older, usually for completely benign reasons. Feb 11, 2018 · Penis shrinkage is widespread as men age, but there are many other reasons why a penis may shrink: Aging As men age, fatty deposits build up in Author: Lana Barhum.