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IJM combats sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic, India and the Philippines. RESCUE VICTIMS We identify children and adults forced into the commercial sex trade, support professional law enforcement rescue operations and ensure that all people, including non-trafficked individuals who may be present, are treated with dignity during the operation. Some are forced to sell sex by their parents or other family members. They may be involved in a trafficking situation for a few days or weeks, or may remain in the same trafficking situation for years. Victims of sex trafficking can be U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, women, men, .

Nov 13, 2009 · Human trafficking is a major problem in the United States, and the FBI takes this very seriously. There was a big international human sex trafficking . F.R.E.E. International exists until modern-day slavery no longer exists. F.R.E.E. works to abolish sex and labor trafficking primarily in the U.S. with innovative collaborations through .